Esme walked around, then jumped slightly when she heard someone speak, she turned to the voice “Oh, hello!” Esme smiled, she noticed the flower and smiled, her powers tapped into what the other girl was feeling, and noticed she was also quite happy, probably because of the flower. “I’m guessing a daughter of Demeter or maybe Persephone?” She smiled, arching her eyebrow in question. image

"I’m Katie Gardner," Katie smiled and opened her mouth again. "Daughter of Demeter. I’ve seen you around before." She nodded, and turned back to the flower. "Poor guy wasn’t looking so hot. Thought I’d come cheer him up." She smiled, and looked back at the girl. "You are?"


“Meow, why the droopy whiskers?” Travis pulled a face and raised the stick back up, poking both of her cheeks this time. “And because! I’m stupid, but I know for a fact that noses and ears never stop growing, and as of now, you look a bit like Dumbo the Elephant.” He offered her a big smile afterwards, cocking his head to the side. “But enough of that. How’ve you been?”


Katie rolled her eyes, and groaned. Her eyes hardened into a scowl as he poked her in the cheeks again, and she grabbed the stick, yanking it from his grasp. Angrily, Katie snapped the stick and tossed it behind her, raising an eyebrow at the mention of her ears. “Shut it, Curly.” She muttered, a surprised look masking the almost hurt one. “You want to know how I’ve been?”

Katie bit her lip as she stared at a daisy, a sigh escaping her lips. She ran her fingers up the stem, and the flower immediately perked up, which brought a small smile to the daughter of Demeter’s face. “That’s a good fella,” She started, until she heard a cracking branch. “Hello?” Katie called out, whipping her head to the side.


He pursed his lips to keep from laughing at her yelp and put the stick down, swinging back and forth on his feet. “I mean, I didn’t recognize you. How did I not recognize you? Should I be concerned?” Travis looked back at Katie, only to be greeted with a look of annoyance. “And because! If I did it with my finger, you’d run away yelling rape, or bloody murderer, or something else that would keep me up at night crying.”


"Yes, I would have yelled rape, or bloody murder on an island where our parents sometimes stay." Katie rolled her eyes and scoffed at his ignorance. "At least it wasn’t anything metal." She said, sounding relieved at the statement. "And how the hell did you not recognize me? We see each other almost every freaking day."


Late night sauntering was probably Travis’s new favorite pass time. The thing was, not many people were out at this hour, and if they were, they were too drunk to hold up a conversation. At the sudden sound of a voice, Travis walked over, but he regret it cause oh my gods, Katie Gardner, somebody poke it with a stick and make sure it didn’t bite. So that’s what he did. He picked up a stick and poked her with it. “Oh,” he said back, “..how peculiar.”


Katie yelped as the tip of the stick poked her side, and she turned to see who had done so. “Peculiar in what way, Stoll?” She asked, her tone full of annoyance. The brunette crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow. “And why in the name of the Gods on Olympus did you poke me with a stick?”

"I’m so awkward with these.." Katie sighed, and she grinned playfully. "I’m Katie Gardner, but I’m quite sure I know most of you." Katie laughed, and ran a hand through her dark hair. Even though she’d grown up with these people, it was still awkward introducing herself.